What is Creative Potential?
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Creative Leadership Solutions for Community Benefit Organizations, Corporations, Churches, Professional Associations and Government Agencies

"Growing People while Achieving Transformational Solutions"

We look for building blocks, for road blocks, for mind-blocks.
We value asset-based decision making.
We stimulate conversations—even difficult conversations.
We focus on leadership from every angle.
We value volunteers and those who lead them.


In difficult economic times, it becomes even more important for community benefit organizations, especially churches and other faith-based groups, to ensure that their organization is living up to it's mission, is planning strategically, and is a wise STEWARD of all of it's resources: both $ and PEOPLE.

Creative Potential Consulting and Training is pleased to offer services in-

Oganizational Scans:

Is your organization living up to it's mission?
Are the right people in the right place?
Are you effectively using VOLUNTEERS?
Can your organization function with LESS?
Is the paid staff operating at optimal level?
Is your facility assisting in your efforts?

Recent Organizational Scan clients include:

Habitat for Humanity, Fresno County
The Cross Church, Fresno


Feasibility Studies:

Working with a Bilingual team, CPCT provides organizations with the information necessary for program development, funding potential, resource development, and strategic planning. A key feature of this service is ASSET-MAPPING and intensive research via focus groups, door-to-door interviews and secondary research.

Clients include:

Highway City Development Corporation


Volunteer Organization Assessments:

This process looks at ways that an organization could use the valuable resources that VOLUNTEERS bring, and ways to better steward limited resources through better volunteer management and leadership


BOOMER/CUSPER Volunteer Focus:

Boomer and Cusper Volunteers ARE different, respond differently to leadership and require NEW management systems.
Is your organization ready for the BOOMER/CUSPER wave?

CPCT is one of the national organizations that is focused and credible in helping plan for volunteers in the next 20 years.

Recent presentations:



Whether in a retreat setting, as a motivational speaker for a large gathering, as a corporate and community benefit organization trainer, facilitating a board meeting or in one on one executive coaching, Creative Potential has one key purpose: release the latent energy of creativity and organizational capacity.

Every client is unique, so there are no “plug and play” solutions. Creative Potential works with each client to ensure that they are served with integrity, confidentiality and Creativity.