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I learned more in 45 minutes from your talk at Leadership Networks Recovery Workshop about volunteer motivation, recruitment, and retention than I have in 30 years of working with and as a volunteer.  In addition, the insights were easily transferable to concrete actions I could integrate at the free clinic.  I'm looking forward to implementation of what I've gleaned and can't wait to go to a full seminar with Don.  

Dr. David Minyard, D.D.S.
Exec. Director, President
Ministries of Jesus, Inc.



"Don is a remarkably talented presenter!  He has the special ability to communicate a message that is informational and motivating! Don's personal experiences bring to life the message of equipping and effective leadership. His humble spirit engages the audience as he guides participants through the learning experience".

Bob D'Ambrosio, CVA Consultant
Group's Church Volunteer Central
Loveland, CO



"I have often been amazed by Don Simmons, and our ministry always well served by his abilities as a communicator and trainer. He has helped our students gain a vision for civic transformation in a way that is inviting and empowering. I find him to be well-prepared, insightful and engaging, and I always anticipate new levels of fruitfulness as a result."

Randy White D.Min.
Director, Doctor of Ministry Program
Bakke Graduate University



We invited Don to come spend the day with our church.  It was a great investment.  He worked with our staff and then our 500 plus people in leadership on creating a great experience for those serving and how to invite people into ministry.  That one day will continue to pay dividends for our church for years to come as hundreds of new people are involved and having a better involvement experience than ever before, because of the process Don led us through.

Glen Brechner
Pastor of Leadership
Fellowship Bible Church North



'Hiring Don to lead our church training about serving in teams with an external-focus was one of the best investments we've ever made!  The time and experiences he shared with us ignited a passion for Kingdom work in a way that has radically changed some lives in our congregation.'

Erika Nossokoff, Director of Missions at
First Presbyterian Church in Fort Collins , Colorado



"Don has been extremely influential in helping me see the church from the perspective of those that are part of our community but not part of our church, which has helped me discover Christ's redemptive mission in this world and how I and the people I lead can be a part of it."

Jeff Zimmerman, The Bridge, Fresno,CA



Don Simmons is the reason so many of us are in  Equipping Ministries. His influence and knowledge has transformed many lives across the USA and around the world. Here at Calvary Presbyterian, we have had the privilege of his ministry in learning Team Building , Spiritual Gifts and had the good fortune to hear Don at our annual retreat. Don is called to growing leaders in Equipping so they may also grow leaders. His belief is that we are all learning and growing in Christ as we serve our fellow man. He will challange you to get out of the pew, walk out the front door and serve in your community. Don leads by example not only by words. If you have the chance to bring him your church, do not hesitate. You will be transformed.

Jim Dees
Director of Equipping Ministries
Calvary Presbyterian Church
San Francisco , California



“Don’s gift lies in his ability to inspire people by demonstrating a sincere passion for community building and adding a healthy measure of his quick wit and keen intellect. Even the most contentious groups are quick converts under his tutelage. He insists that every team member be fully engaged and then encourages decision-making that wisely relies on the collective intellect. His expert counsel has helped me create measurable results – at American Airlines, Heart House Dallas, Something mAAgic Foundation, Turtle Creek Chorale, and the Dallas Fashion Incubator. He’s the first person I call, every time!”

Mark Ford,
Development Officer,
Starlight Children's Foundation



What I like about Don is not just his know how and experience, but he has a big heart for the local church as well as serving the community. Whenever I get to work with him, it's a joy.

Alan Nelson, Ed.D.
Executive Editor Rev! Magazine



I recently had the joy of hearing Don speak at a Leadership Network Recovery Community Conference. I was convinced after hearing Don speak, listening to his expertise and watching the conferees so easily and positively interact with him; that I wanted Don to lead our staff through The Six Elements of Equipping. We do a lot of things well at our church, but this one area of equipping and empowering our church, needs the kind of vision Don brings.  

Kim Swyden
Executive Pastor
Henderson Hills Baptist Church



I attended the Leadership Networking Conference in Dallas in February, 2007 that Don Simmons taught his "essentials elements for equipping". As a speaker he was engaging and authentic, as a teacher he was experienced and knowledgeable.  His material was exactly what I needed to help to support the growth of our ministry.  I have been employed by a large Methodist church for only a few months and as a "therapist" by profession, I desperately needed the framework for leadership. His focus on using Jesus' model of asking others to go "with me" was challenging but something I felt that I (not a trained church leader) could do.  I had my first leadership meeting this past week where we reviewed what I had learned. As expected the 5 folks that attended were excited and ready to start implementing numerous aspects of TAFERR.

Thanks for providing me with structure and intentional discipleship skills to work with.

Vicky Carlton
Clinical Administrator, Celebrate Recovery Ministries, Cokesbury
United Methodist Church , Knoxville , TN