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Creative Potential Consulting and Training
"Bringing 25 years of experience in providing organizations consulting and training services in:

Volunteer management and leadership
Board development
Staff development
Retreat and off-site training events
Executive coaching
Strategic planning
Conflict mediation and resolution
Adaptive learning


Creative Potential Consulting is a CERTIFIED provider of Results-Based Conversations™ Facilitation, and is CERTIFIED to provide "Train the Trainer" Facilitation Training in Results-Based Conversations™

As social beings, we own what we help create, and the primary vehicle for people to be creative is conversation. Designing conversations that create results begins with the realization that effective conversations are vital to creating meaningful change. This is the philosophy behind WildWorks' Results-Based Conversations™ -- an approach that helps clients create and support collaborative work sessions.


Facilitating meetings for boards, community groups, churches and decision-making bodies-using the Results-Based Conversations™ approach, which has been used successfully for training groups such as Leadership Network, John Deere, Dr. Pepper, J.C. Penney and other national and international organizations


With expertise, academic and experiential credentials and wit, Don trains with the end-goal of stimulating learning that will continue long after the session. He sees his task as “whetting the appetite” for more learning. A national trainer with Group Publishing’s Church Volunteer Central, Don’s training is not limited to the faith-based and community benefit organization sector, but, spans all the sectors in several categories.

Training topics include:
Equipping Leaders
Developing an Equipping Culture
Becoming and Externally-Focused Church/Organization
Building Better Boards
Boards that WORK!
Boards from Hell
TEAMS that Work!
Becoming a High Five Team
Understanding the Neighborhood Around You!
Embracing the Older Workforce
Learning for a Lifetime!
Getting back on your Feet after Catastrophe
Taking Care of Yourself and your Organization
Fear of Faith/Fear of the Faithful
Looking Beyond the Walls
Six Essential Elements of Equipping Leaders
The Power of Invitation
The Power of Reflection
Understanding the Emergent Church
Recognition that’s Remembered
Difficult Conversations
Steps to Reconciliation
Diversity is more than a 4 Syllable Word
Poverty, Literacy and School Success
Mentoring Matters


Consulting and Executive Coaching
With insight born in over 25 years of experience, Don is focused on the unique qualities of an “equipping leader,” and centers his consulting and coaching on helping leaders to access their own creative potential while leaders others to achieve theirs. Don also provides services in conflict mediation and resolution and is trained and certified as a conflict negotiator.

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Organizational Assessment
Are your systems working for your people-or are your people working for your system? Are people being served well? Are there roadblocks to outstanding customer service? What is the community perception of your organization? Does the “right hand know what the left hand is doing?”

Is your organization really serving the community?
Are you internally or externally focused?

Creative Potential has the experience and knowledge to lead your organization in a thorough assessment of systems, communication, strategic relationships, fund develoment, staff development, teamwork/team development, capacity, volunteer leadership.

This assessment becomes a valuable tool in strategic planning, volunteer management, human resources management and planning, marketing and resource allocation.

Recent organizational assessments include:
Heart House, Dallas, TX
Casa Grande Presbyterian Church, Casa Grande, AZ
Something MAAGIC/American Airlines, Dallas, TX
Valencia United Methodist Church, Valencia, CA


Organizational Scans
This process insures that an organization is operating at it's highest capacity and includes a review of all documents, to be sure that employees, processes, procedures and programs are functioning according to all by-laws, constitution, handbooks and that each of these documents is up to date and fully functional.

This process includes employee, board and volunteer interviews, as well as a survey of best-practice organizational structures and procedures which can be implemented by the organization.

Recent organizational scans include:
Habitat For Humanity Fresno


Organizational Restructuring
This process is never simple or easy, but, an “outsider” view of the organization, coaching and recommendations to senior leadership and boards can make all the difference!

With a “universal” approach to management structures, Creative Potential provides community benefit oganizations, churches and professional networks with the tools to restructure and reorganize with minimal chaos.


Coaching by Phone and/or Email
One on one coaching is perhaps the most effective tool in helping an organizational leader move to their own Creative Potential.

An hour session by phone and/or email messaging can help keep leaders on track, set organizational and personal goals and provide a “sounding board” for growing concerns.


Retreat Facilitator
The “retreat experience” is important for boards and leaders from organizations because it provides an environment for relaxation, open communication and relationship building.

As a facilitator, Don brings humor, insight, know-how and warmth to each retreat. In a recent staff retreat, participants related that Don’s facilitation brought great value to their work and personal lives, citing his “big heart” approach.

Recent Retreats include:
CrimeStoppers of the Valley Board Retreat, Fresno
Brentwood Presbyterian Spiritual Life Retreat, Los Angeles
Leadership Fresno, Fresno
Calvary Presbyterian All-Church Retreat, San Francisco
Northwoods Presbyterian Church Elder’s Retreat, Houston
Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church Leadership Retreat, Spokane, WA
First Presbyterian Church, Ft. Collins, CO



Motivational Speaker
Don has been a keynote speaker in numerous settings: corporate, professional organizations, colleges, seminaries, churches, synagogues, public schools, government agencies, community transformation groups, local and national community benefit organizations.

He is an annual speaker for CA state senator Mike Villine’s Community Renewal Summit.

Other recent speaking events include:
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation Awards Banquet
CrimeStoppers of the Valley Appreciation Dinner
B’Nai B’rith Awards Celebration
California Association of Human Resources Professionals
Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce
Equipping Church Conference, Liberty, MO
CA state Senator Tim Leslie Community Renewal Summit


Staffing Assistance/Staff Audits and Human Resources Assessments

Providing Staff building coaching and resources